From the phone calls I got this weekend it seems the most popular question right now is

Dawn, Can I make money before Christmas ?

Well, its coming up to that time of year when people are on holidays from work and have time to think. It is in fact a very busy time of year for this make money online home business opportunity industry.

You see, many people are on holiday from work throughout the Christmas period and it gives them time to think about what they really want to achieve in 2010. So my answer to your question would be Yes.. but you do have to hurry, knuckle down to set up business quick and start marketing to get your piece of the action.

Luckily you have TWO awesome opportunities that will to get you off to a flying start if you sign up now

1) once you are signed up to become a member of team not only do you have access to the YourNetBiz marketing resources but you also become a group member of the Turn Key Marketing Group. This is something I am proud to welcome all members of my team to be part of.

You see quite often it can seem quite a lonely experience and overwhelming trying to work out all the marketing strategies yourself that YourNetBiz provides so for added support I invite you to be part of this group for additional support with your marketing education. Its free and you will automatically be a member of the group when you sign up to work with me and this applies whether you choose to take action now or at later date.

The group was originally set up by Stuart Ross and Damian Benko who are great friends and also YourNetBiz leaders in their own right. They spend alot of time adding value to the group as well as organising meetings in the UK and USA so we as a group are not only in contact in a virtual community but in real life too which is totally your choice if you wish to contribute and take part, but if you really want to profit before Christmas then I highly advise you accept my invitation, grab the information available to you, ask me any questions along your way that you need answers to and run with it. Remember you are not alone, Im aways just on the other end of the phone.. I am totally commited to making time for my team members. It is my intention to guide you to making it happen for you too after all it is a win/win game we are playing here.

2) The founders of YourNetBiz (formerly known as MyInternetBusiness) Rob and Dave Garven have been working flat out for the past 6 months to launch Primo Vacations for the first week of December. Now all YourNetBiz members have just been told the news and now we are getting ready to blow it up ! So you really couldn’t of picked a better time to join YourNetBiz. This really is a 2 businesses in 1 offer but remember its only available at Platinum Level. Now, if you got any sense you will know that this is a mega easy product to market and I myself cannot wait for the launch to not only take advantage of the extraordinary discounts on worldwide travel but to guarantee a more than prosperous start to the new year !


Make it a great day !

Dawn Mendonca aka Extraordinary Leader
Your Net Biz / Primo Vacations