YourNetBiz the online business in a box is giving you another business for FREE at Platinum level only !
This business is called Primo Vacations. So here are some answers to your questions.

Primo Vacations Club FAQ’s

Is Primo Vacations timeshare?

No. As a Primo Vacations member you can travel when you want and where you want staying at luxury resorts worldwide ! The membership is a lifetime one charge membership joining fee, there is no annual charge like timeshares. You will then have access to search the luxury travel deals available to you and choose which low rate deal you want to book. Within the Primo Vacations calalogue of accomodations there are also accomodations that are used by timeshare holders. However as a guest in any of these type of accomodation you will not required to become part of that timeshare and not get pitched to either. If you choose to stay in a timeshare related accomodation, you will be treated as if you are already a timeshare member.

Has Primo Vacations partnered up with any chains of hotels?
Yes. Primo have partnered up with the following chains and continue to develop this database

How much does it cost to be a Primo Vacations Member ?

A life time membership costs $697 USD but it is FREE with YourNetBiz Platinum associate level where the investment is $2995 USD. Yes this means that you will also be able to make money recruiting others to become a Primo Vacations Member and you will also be able to use the membership allowing you to travel at discounted rates. I got to say this truly is a deal.. 2 businesses for the price of 1 !

Once joined as a YourNet Biz Platinum level how soon can I book my travel ?
Within a couple of hours of joining an email with your login and password details will be sent to you. Membership is handled online but also expect confirmation of your Primo Vacations membership details in the post.

Does Primo Vacations offer savings on accomodation only ?
No. Primo Vacations is backed by full service travel agency so the best available prices on other travel needs are also available. This means that you will also save on services that normal travel agencies offer eg.airfares, cruises, car rental

Is Primo Vacations a scam ?
Absoloutely not ! You dont need to collect any vouchers or send off any coupons to claim these deals or anything like that. The founders of Primo Vacations are the same as YourNetBiz so they have nothing to hide from this opportunity ! The corporate office address is
My Internet Business, LLC
2831 St. Rose Pkwy. Ste 200
Henderson, NV 89052

Is there a customer support service ?

Yes. Just like YourNetBiz, Primo Vacations has a customer support service team who are there to answer any questions for you and for anyone you recruit into the Primo Vacations business. Primo Vacations is set up just the YourNetBiz opportunity where the PBA’s (personal business assistants) handle all the call backs and are highly trained staff.

What happed to the holiday club YourNetBiz had before ?

YourNetBiz decided to incorporate those deals into the Primo Vacations membership and by doing this widened the catalogue of choice and power to partner up with more chains so they are able to continue to offer the discounted rates to us. Existing YourNetBiz associates are now enjoying the benefits of Primo Vacations at no extra cost and is proving to maintain the Best Online Home Business Opportunity title for 2010.

How do you become Primo Vacations business associate ?
The normal way would be to recruit one person into the club before you are qualified to make money by recruiting others into the membership. However by becoming a YourNetBiz platinum member you can start marketing Primo Vacations immediately and start profiting from the start in other words you dont need to recruit one member to become qualified.

Im interested in Primo Vacations Opportunity but is YourNetBiz for me ?
With the online marketing training you get with YourNetBiz and my team (access to over 2500 marketing training products) you will have more than enough training to not only market the YourNetBiz opportunity but also take your marketing for PrimoVacations to a whole new level..and lets not forget about the compensations plans. Now whilst PrimoVacations offer you a commission plan to earn $500 USD per person, with YourNetBiz at Platinum level you can earn $2000 USD plus an opportunity to earn passive income thereafter. So it really is your choice as to whether you want to play a BIG game in life and how much of an investment you prepared to make to start your online business ? Are you looking to build an online empire of businesses or does Primo vacation club suit your needs just fine ? Its totally your decision and what you want out of life. You can always give me a call if you have any questions.