Many people want their work to stand out on its own merits, they want to put it out into the world and watch a mad rush of people who all desperately want to buy it! Unfortunately the real world doesn’t work like that. A lot of the time who created something is as important (if not more important) than what they created.
The idea of creating your own personal brand might be something you don’t feel comfortable with, but it is something that everyone has. If you want to be successful then you must take control and create the best possible personal brand for you.

Why Shoulcreative personal brandd You Have a Personal Brand?
When people think of brands they automatically imagine the likes of Coca Cola, Apple and Sky. These are some of the biggest brands on the planet, but there are many personal brands out there too. Richard Branson and Steve Jobs are two of the most well known.
You also have a personal brand, even if you have never planned to create one. Look at your Facebook account, your Twitter account or simply Google your own name – your online footprint is what makes up your personal brand.

But does this brand display to the world the things you want it to display? Think of a potential customer reading some of the things which show up online under your name – is this what you want your brand to display to them? If not, consider what you would want them to read.

If you decide not to take control and create your own personal brand – the internet will create one for you! While you may not lose anything by allowing your brand to be created naturally, you certainly won’t gain anything. There is a very good reason why big companies spend a fortune to craf a brand which displays the qualities which they want their customers to see.

Creating a personal brand may not be something you have ever thought of doing before, but it is something every successful creative person needs to do. Look at successful creative people – singers, actors, writers – they all have their own well crafted personal brand!

Elvis Presley not only had a successful music career when he was living, he continued to have incredible success long after he died. Part of this was because, of course, he was very talented – but what about the many talented people who did not achieve his success. His success was as much down to the personal brand that was crafted for him as it was the incredible talent he was born with.

Don’t take the risk of allowing the internet to create a personal brand for you. Take the time to be proactive and craft a personal brand which is unique to you.