There was once in my life when I use to live out from boxes and had coversations going on in my mind like “what would they think of me if I told them I also am passionate about something else”. Wow, it seriously took me some time to realise that it just didnt have to be this way and that it was me making all that stuff up. I mean, what do people really care if you have other passions ? Its a good thing !!!

Back in 2009 when I first started my business online, I had this story in my head that if I shared that I was a single mother and a dancer I would not attract clients but that is coming from such a disempowering context. Its funny when I look back as it is this same uniqueness that has brought clients to me.

So in your online business right now I encourage you to express that you have multi passions and know that you DO NOT have to GIVE any of them UP to become successful online. To learn more about how you can find the time to fit in all your passions in your life and run a online business, check out my videos in the FREE 7 day bootcamp by entering your name and email on the right.

You Can Have It All !

To Peace, Love & Freedom
Dawn Mendonca

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