Just in case you havent worked this out yet..If you’re looking to become an internet entrepreneur do not let the idea of having lots of money drive you as the motivation for success !

Money itself (pieces of paper) will not make you happy..money however can bring you more freedom in your life & possibly a higher quality of lifestyle but in case you didnt know materialistic happiness is short lived. You know when I first bought my Audi that believe me I really wanted it, I drove it around for a couple weeks and then the novelty wore off. Helping others is the real secret to success and fulfills you with happiness within. Im sure you may have experienced this yourself. Know that what is going to make you successful online is indeed HELPING others and that is to be your main focus.

Bringing happiness to others will make you happy and bring more success to you.

So before you decide to become an internet entrepreneur, know that you have to be passionate about it ! Without passion your experience online will become fustrating for you. You have to love what you do, follow your passion, desire and focus to help others and your work will be easy simply because you love doing it and the money will just come.

The key is attracting those who admit that they need your help. You know there was a time in my life when I did not ask for help, I spent years believing I could work it all out for myself.. and all along all I needed to do was ask. Its only in human nature that we like helping people. Think about it, if someone asked you for help you would be more than happy to do that right ? But yet how often do you actually ask for help ? and then you get some who ask for help but dont really want it. This topic alone makes me giggle.

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