With all the huge Uk media coverage on this Women In Wealth seminar recently I thought I’d attend a free introduction to see what it was all about. So here’s my review.. With this broad title of this seminar I as an online woman entrepreneur myself did not feel this seminar represented all opportunities available to you. The intention of the seminar is however a very informative introduction to wealth creation but I feel compelled to also inform you that there are also many other successful women entrepreneurs who have not become financially free by investing in property but by creating wealth online.

The leaders for Woman In Wealth have however definately got the skills to inspire you into developing your mindset into what is required to attract wealth into your life, however this seminar was mainly lead by powerful woman entrepreneurs who had made it successful in the property world and invite you to duplicate their success.

The trainers are Annie Sweet, Lorna Howell, Annie Davidson, Bindar Dosanjh, Naomi Sesay and Gill Fielding as seen on BBC The Apprentice and The Secret Millionaire. Now a majority of these trainers have all successfully created wealth in the property sector and become great leaders in their own right. Gill was also one of my educators on a Russ whitney programme I took part in a few years ago, however from still being in the circles of property investors the strategies have dramatically changed due to the recession where leading property tycoons have been forced to close their businesses as their strategies were no longer working and now many UK investors are having to learn completeley new strategies to stay in the market.

Meanwhile the creating wealth Online sector is booming as more and more people are turning to the internet to learn how to leverage their money and time instead of the ordinary trading time for money way of living.

Now dont be fooled by thinking that to become a property investor tycoon is easy and you will get rich overnight. Becoming a property investor is a business in itself. To be successful in the property investing industry will require focus, determination, it will require you to network within teams, to educate yourself on terminology, be coachable to learn the latest strategies, negotiating skills, etc so it will take time.


Now having a business online is just the same, you will also be required to stay educated, have focus, determination, learn terminology, be coachable to the latest strategies, network with others however you will not be required to sell. Well not directly anyway and not with the business I mentor others to achieve success with. You will also be involved in a recession proof business and with a commitment to achieve can be in cash flow in a much shorter space of time than investing in property.

Now, from experience and having friends in the property circles, it is crucial to have a cash flow when investing into property. I mean the property investors who are snapping up the best deals in these times where banks are not easily handing out mortgages are the cash buyers so where does that leave you right now ? But like anything, you have to start from somewhere and get educated. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that investing in property is not the way to go for you, I just want to make it clear that there are also other alternatives to consider before making your decision where to invest your hard earned money into and what business you want to get involved with to create the wealth and freedom your seek.

So if you are really looking to create wealth in your life I would recommend doing what interests you, what are you passionate about ? Is it more the property market or does internet marketing interest you ? Is it a lifestyle choice you are seeking ? Perhaps internet marketing has not been an avenue you have explored as yet but would like to know more.

If so, contact me to learn more about Women Creating Wealth Online and I will be happy to help you.