Everything is about relationships, its how human beings connect and relate !

You see, building relationships is key to any successful business whether it is online or offline.

The sooner you can establish a relationship with your prospect, the sooner you will be able to convert them into a customer. They will buy into you at their gut level. To feel totally trusted to work with you.

So how do you build relationships online when its not face to face ?
Well, this is where you have to digg deeper, and the work starts with the relationship with yourself. I was recently was on stage presenting at a Creating Wealth Online in London Mayfair hosted by Syed Rahman and Nick Choudary. I gave one hour talk about Social Media and Vivid Video Marketing with social skills coach Ahmad Jooma.

You see like any business, people buy into you .. yes YOU ! You are the core of the business and its only when the buyer feels like they know, like and trust you will they part with their cash and buy into what you can give them. So whilst having something like a business opportunity to sell online is important, how you market yourself online is really the main ingredient !

So ask yourself right now, what is your relationship like with yourself ? Who do you see when you look into the mirror ? Do you know, like and trust that person ? Trust me, this is a powerful excercise and putting this into practise will take your confidence into a whole new level and make a huge impact on the results of your social media and video marketing. You see happiness starts with who you are in order for you to attract more of it.

So whilst I am a mentor on social media and video marketing strategies I will also coach you on who you need to be to be successful online. Now going back to the seminar, I met alot of people who were getting educated on marketing but had nothing to sell online. Well, to make money online you will need something to sell ??!! So I highly recommend you check out a business opportunity that I personally use as my main vehicle to make an income online. Take the tour just give me a call if you are ready to get started to make money online !