A common question I get asked is..
What is the Turn Key Marketing Group ?
What has the Turn Key Marketing Group got to do with the YourNetBiz opportunity ?

TurnKey Marketing Group member & YourNetBiz UK Mentor Dawn Mendonca shares benefits of becoming a member of the Turn Key Marketing Group. TurnKey Marketing Group founders set up the TurnKey Marketing Group to provide a valuable internet marketing training resource for YourNetBiz mentors to become successful with Your Net Biz.

If you are looking to invest into YourNetBiz then choose a team such as the Turn Key Marketing Group first before narrowing down your search for a mentor.
On choosing a YourNetBiz mentor decide what you are looking for in a mentor to suit your personal preference and what they are committed to and their intentions in your partnership of working together.

Remember your YourNetBiz mentor is there to serve you and you need to outline what your expectations are in them being your mentor and trust your mentor that they will deliver.

To take a sneak peak into the TurnKey Marketing Group Back office take the 7 day video bootcamp and click on Partner With Dawn and you will also discover what my commitments and intentions are working with you to help you generate a 6 figure income online.

If you just want to be a member of the TurnKey Marketing Group to get invaluable internet marketing training without becoming a YourNetBiz associate then you can try it out for wait for it…. FREE!!! ha ha