Creative Arts – Digital Marketing Solutions
From Artist to Entrepreneur 12 weeks Coaching Program
Suitable for Creative Arts  (music, dance, actors, martial artists)

– How to build your online brand
– How to create income doing what you love
– Discover how to develop the big vision mindset
– Learn the 13 online business foundations for success
– How to drive traffic to your website using creative strategies
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EXTENTS – helping dance businesses to thrive in the 21st century !

If you are already running an offline dance business add this extension
to include an online business plan to stretch your potential.
– Learn the 7 methods to create your online business model that
supports your dance business.
– Discover how to monetize your talent via digital sources
– How to implement multiple income streams
– Set up systems to create a workable business
– Learn the marketing strategies that get results
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MEDIA IGNITE – Infotainment Productions

Online video for marketing purposes has evolved.
With competition so high the classic saying of “if a picture is
is worth a thousand words.. How much is your video worth?”
Yes we are in the ages now where high quality video is a must,
however not only has it got to be informative but entertaining too.
Working in partnership with the Soul Alliances network, Dawn
has access to all the talent in the arts, from musicians to dancers who
can perform or create for your video to get your videos noticed.

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