Recently I was at the World Internet Summit in London UK and a network marketer asked me what is the difference between a network marketer and an internet marketer.  Now I do I just really wanted to explain today how to make money from selling actual information products online.

Ok so first thing is first. What is a PLR product ? A PLR product is an information product in a format of video, audio or ebook that has already been created by experts in any niche and you get a (Private Resell Rights) license to be able to customise the product to make it your own and recieve 100% of the profits.

Once you have set up one of these products online, the key is to drive traffic to the product so that the product will sell. You can set up as many products as you wish to sell online giving you a portfolio of products almost like having virtual real estate.

Now putting on my business hat, Im going to let you in on something here and that is.. the quickest and easiest way to drive traffic to your product website is to do joint ventures with other people in the same niche of the product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling an ebook about how to train your parrot to speak english for example (trust me, there are all sorts of products and niches to tap into) you could approach other businesses who deal with parrots and suggest to them that you have a product you think their customers or clients would be interested in and ask them if they would be interested in selling your product for a commission.

If you set your sites up properly you will be able to have the whole process automated and working for you 24/7 earning you profits in your sleep. So, this my friends is internet marketing which is a massive difference to network marketing. If this is what you want to tap into then check out the Mini Suite Profits video trainings presentation or you can check out my Mini Suite Profits Review site for more information.

See you in there !

Dawn Mendonca

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