successYou’ve probably heard of the “The Secret” right ? but what if I was to tell you well thats only the surface of it ? Just wishful thinking is not going to cut it but staying in alignment with being present to your path makes life a whole lot easier.

Things manifest in your life because you were in tune for it to arrive. I can only speak from experience, that from changing my thinking this entrepreneurial journey so far has been life changing for me for which I am so grateful for. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for tapping into the law of attraction and believing in a higher existence to guide me, I would of been blind to the opportunities that have come my way or simply not aligned for them for them to manifest.

So how do you know if you are truly on your path to manifesting miracles ? Well, if your life is not working out the best you think it could be right now then initially it is always because of your limiting thinking or belief patterns.. luckily they can be reversed. You are what you think ! For example If you believe “I will never achieve” then you won’t … instead re-programme yourself to “I will achieve”, put up affirmations all around your home, on your phone, all around you so you start to own them.

The next is to ask questions. yes ask questions and listen for the answer !!! Maybe you have something holding you back from achieving what you really desire ? What is your belief system around that ? For most it is that you have to work hard to achieve success ? Is that it ?  or is it really because you don’t honestly know what it is you actually desire ? I’m sure if you had that clarity you will become unstoppable and work will become purposeful and in doing so demand it for it manifest !

From all the successful people I have been around, what I learnt is that they all have one thing in common, they work at least 10 times harder on themselves than they do on their business. They put their old self limiting beliefs aside and make space for the new ones.. and go with what their gut is telling them, but you must be able to identify the patterns first so you can let them go.

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