Creative Business Savvy Dawn is the Author of “C.E.O – Creative Entrepreneur Online”, “111 Ways To Make Money Online” and has also been featured in the NY Times Bestseller book “The Laptop Millionaire” written by internet marketing guru Mark Anastasi. See Books

My Story..

I’m Dawn Mendonca and welcome to my home on the internet.

My intention here is to inspire and help you to live a life you desire. If you are a creative person I totally understand your fustrations you may be experiencing right now.

You see, back in 2002 I felt like my soul was dying. I was an independent mum, working the 9-5 corporate life in marketing and with time limitations my passion was suppressed.

Then one day I was looking at the sea and had a revelation. Out of nowhere I found the courage to take the leap and  quit my 9-5 job  to work for myself as a dance teacher, that soon developed into business partnership under the brand DanceMode.

However in this process I always knew that without keeping updated on how to market and make sales there would be no business. It was in that moment I chose to create a life on my terms in the digital age, so I invested thousands into my internet business/marketing education to expand my 9-5 marketing knowledge.  Implementing strategies of whats working today transitioned the business to get low-high end recurring results.

“Follow your passion and it will lead to your purpose”

Fast forward 10 years, my marketing efforts were recognised that attracted media engagements.  This is me speaking on stage to a crowd of just under 800 people sharing my story on how I use online marketing strategies and how they can too by using specific tools and concepts to get their messages, talent or services out there too.

From 2009 as a firm believer in self growth, I trained as a coach for Self Expression and Leadership programs that gave me the skills to build team for projects, one of which was for the creation of Dancepreneur TV, an online TV channel in aid for charity DanceAid.

On these self development trainings is where I got clarity, the vision of who I am and focused on a structured plan that fused my passion for dance and video marketing to inspire.

I have delivered numerous workshops and run mentoring and coaching programs. In the sharing of my knowledge helping many other creatives to also leverage the internet and thrive is my purpose.


My entrepreneurial journey will always feel like it’s just the beginning.

I can tell most people who are thinking about making a business from their passion they will indeed feel more fulfilled when doing something they love, they will get enjoyment, but just doing business offline in these ages is not always the way to get enough money to live a life that really matters to them. So having an income online that not only supports their business but also their life is the solution.

We do business now in the digital age in a #hashtag generation.. and online strategies are constantly evolving.

Clients who I worked with are creative people in the arts and just by tapping into systems online and implementing the right strategies, they are building solid businesses that are now earning an additional income that gives them the freedom and flexibility to do what they want. The shift in the online entrepreneurial mindset keeps them rising.

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