In the UK we are about to embark upon a massive explosion in women entrepreneur success. Over the past few years  connecting with some amazing ladies online I have witnessed the growth of them and their businesses blooming and Im so excited to see women power explode in the UK in the next coming months.

It was only last year I attended The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women hosted by Stephanie Hale and Mark Anastasi and just by attending the event was life changing for me. Here’s what happened…

I had met a new mentor and friend business guru Marsha Wright, there was something about this lady that I could reasonate with. Her knowledge on business is profound and I am proud to be known as one of her Ultimate Success mentees for what she has taught me about business and brand building has been truly outstanding.

My good friend Marie-Claire Carlyle was also speaking at the event about How To Become a Money Magnet and she inspired me to raise my game.  I spent some time with her at the event and her energy was contagious.

At the event I also happened to be sitting near to  Placida Acheru, someone who I had connected with online but had never met before. In that conversation she gave me an opportunity to speak at her event… and from that moment the rest has been history as they say.

The year has been full of “go” “go” “go” continually stepping out of comfort zones to enter into the unknown which is where the magic happens. Since the event last year it has truly been an amazing journey of growth personally and in business and I’m so excited to be sharing with you my journey to online success and how you too can cash in on your passions online by using video as your main marketing tool.

Just think 2010 I was sitting in the audience, and now 2011 I am speaking on stage with an amazing line up of speakers Gill Fielding, Richelle Shaw, Sandy Forster, Marie-Claire Carlyle, Alexandra Watson, Marsha Wright, Bernadette Doyle, Katharine Dever,  Jennifer Hough, Naomi Sesay & Joanna Martin …its a dream come true. I hope by sharing this with you will make you see that just by attending this event anything is possible.

See you there !