Jim Rohn, americas foremost business philosopher has been one of the most influential motivational speakers of our time and has trained thousands of top speakers including the likes of Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins, he has shared his success philosophies with over 4 million people worldwide for 46 years and offers over 25 books and audio programmes.

Jim had a unique style of teaching that to me really stood out from the crowd of many other speakers out there. He has made such a significant impact in millions of lives including mine and for this I truly feel so blessed to of been alive in his lifetime.

Jim Rohn spoke of wisdom and what he taught me was that success is quite simple to achieve. Success is not complicated, Jim shifted me into this way of knowing that life was not suppose to be hard it was just a matter of declaring it to myself and that is exactly what I done.

I felt so compelled to do a video tribute for Jim Rohn as I am so thankful for his teachings.

Remember the results of your life is from the choices you make, and for you to have more you have to become more. When you get with this and take on your life as being your responsiblity then your life will change.

May Jim Rohn RIP and all I can say is Thankyou for leaving a mark on my life, to show me direction, you gave me the wisdom to know that I had the power to make changes in my life and to start living extraordinary. God Bless and may you continue to inpire millions in the trail you have blessed us with.

Highly recommended for those in the home based business opportunity
Building your network marketing business by Jim Rohn