You know this may sound really strange but if you really dig deep, is it LOVE that is holding you back to making money online as an Internet marketer?

You see when you establish yourself online as an Internet entrepreneur or Internet marketer you effectively are creating yourself to be kind of famous which means people will get to love you or admire you. I mean you literally have to expose yourself, who you are, your way of being, your family and let people in to love you, to follow you, to build a relationship with.

Today at the gym, a guy said to me .. “I’ve seen you on the Internet, you’re some famous person aren’t you ?” Funny eh?

So ask yourself these questions right now to prepare yourself for what will happen to you when you start your online business.

internet-marketing-love-story1) How much do you let people in ? I mean REALLY in ?
Well, in order to build up a following online, you need to share yourself. This could be your self expression in your communication, in your emails, on your blog, through videos or by sharing pictures of you, your family, and your friends. You have to be ready to literally expose yourself to the world.

2) How easily do you trust people ?
Think about this one.. because everyone has different trust levels. This will help you get into the minds of your prospects or customers. What could you do or say in your marketing that will allow them to trust you some more in order to choose you to partner with to make money online ?

3) How much do you experience being vulnerable ?
In all honesty, there will always be someone out there who has something negative to say about you usually out of fear, jealousy, or hate. All of which are negative behaviours. Fortunately the internet marketing making money online niche is a positive driven industry and the idea is actually to allow yourself to be vulnerable and in doing so attracting or creating powerful leaders to make you more of a residual income. There will always be someone who may be more driven than you or who has more skills, or who has more experience or who is more educated. So just play it all out, open yourself up to be crushed and start playing on the court ! At the end of the day people buy people in this industry. Biggest advice is chase the dream, not the competition and you will keep winning your game !

4) When someone has ‘done you wrong’, how easily do you forgive them ?

You will find in the Internet marketing world that it’s not really about if someone ‘done you wrong’. However, when you establish yourself online what you may find is that your competitors may piggyback traffic to their websites using your name. I highly recommend you just keep an eye on this. It is common practice in this industry for your competitors to snatch your traffic using headlines such as “yourname is a scam” or “Real Truth About yourname” etc this is just hyped competitors using scarcity tactics to get a click to their site. You can forgive them for this but most importantly thank them ! All this means is that you are obviously stirring up emotion in people so your marketing messages are working and all this hype will help position you to look more ‘famous’ online or more of an ‘expert’ shall I say 😉

5) How willing are you to risk your heart ?
When you first start your online venture you may put your heart and soul into your business and may not see quick results for the first few months. You may fall out of love with the idea /concept of having an online business and give up. Well, let me tell you, you will eventually get leads into your business so just keep your PASSION alive in your heart and you will be able to stand strong. Stay focused & committed to what your heart desires and you will become unstoppable & untouchable. Open your heart to be the one to help others and you will be living risk-free.

6) How easily do you say “I Love You” ?
More importantly how easily do you say “I Love You” to yourself in the mirror ? If you find it hard to do this then how can you expect anyone else to love you or you to give or accept love ? I must say in all honesty, this took me practise. What I had come to realise in order for me to say these three little words so freely with meaning is that I had to learn to love myself first before I could love others. You see, whether you believe in god or not, love is within you, and without that how can you radiate out and shine out to claim your true greatness of who you truly are. When you get that.. is when you will become an irresistible leader in this industry. You will become the hunted instead of the hunter and people will be drawn to you.

So, I want to personally let you know that I truly appreciate you and yes.. I love you & I also love Internet marketing ! So for a valentines special I’m dedicating Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th February to YOU ! You will get to personally ask me any questions you may have about making money online, internet marketing & also an opportunity to get to know me better.

Wishing you a great Valentines Day.

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