Have you heard about the Internet Marketing College launching THIS weekend ? It looks AmAzInG !!
It is a real physical college that covers Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing, direct sales strategies, make money online.

The best thing is that the practice of the school is the students “EARN WHILE LEARN”, meaning that with each course set completed, the students will be actually able to use those skills immediately, TAKE ACTION, apply that skill, and make money.

Students at the launch event will learn :
– Facebook Advertising
– List Building
– Email Marketing
– Building a List from Scratch
– Sales Funnels
– Affiliate Marketing
– Branding & Positioning
– Scaling from 5-6-7 Figures and much more!
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Even if you do not go, you can still get a copy of the DVD that will no doubt be worth it !
Chris Record The Founder said ““A vision with a financial literacy would be taught in schools around the world to create a movement… to create the best of the best school in the world, to create abundance in peoples’ lives, to learn how to save, how to invest, how to earn passive income, residual income, how to be able start a business from home, understanding the business, understanding the money, understanding the knowledge… to be able to giving the average person a chance to build a better life.”