When you enter into the state of happiness not only do you become more attractive (and Im not just talking about in appearance) but at a deeper level of attraction.  How do I know this ? Well, even though I am not religious I am spiritual.  I mean, after jumping out of a plane a couple of months ago not only did I get the adrenaline of 100 times more than what any “happy” pill could ever give me (did I just say that ? haha) but you kinda see the world from above, the creators perpective.  Someone, something must of created our world, our life form, our universe and in believing this you come to realise that we are all connected.

happinessBut seriously, when you enter this state of happiness you tap into alignment with the true path of which you are to live and when this happens everything that you want in your life is drawn to you like a magnet. Trust me, the creator did not create our lives to be difficult. we have just made it this way by neglecting  our”SELF” that is why my friends, it is imperitivie to break free from limitations, empower yourself as an entrepreneur and go after your dreams, your path to TRUE FREEDOM is already there, you just have to know how to access  it !

So basically, if you want an easy life, a life where everything just flows…“get HIGH on life man“.. you dont need anything external to make you happy.  Just tap into this state of happiness by being grateful for what you already have.  If it is more clients you want for your business, be grateful for the clients you already have and more of the same will be presented to you… providing you also take the actions. Just mindset alone is not gotta cut it. To learn more about the actions required to have a business online to create abundance and freedom that is rightfully yours, enter your name and email to the right to get my FREE 7 day video bootcamp & Let me know what I can do for you.

Stay Happy !


Dawn Mendonca

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