Have you “got it” yet ?

New internet marketing strategies is what is now required to stay in the game online, and this is the FUN part of internet marketing. You see, running a business online is an ongoing business. To keep on top of your game online you have stay educated about what is happening in the industry and adapt to the changes to stay in the game.

A month ago, YouTube had deleted some of my videos and no kidding it caused major impact on the results of my business online. You see google have changed the rules which means new strategies will have to be implemented to stay on top of the game.

So,  over the past couple of months, I have been re working strategies out, gathering information, networking with some high players in the industry and now the time has come to take my online venture into a new direction.

Internet marketing multi-millionaire friends in the industry are already launching products giving away their predicted strategies of moving forward in the internet marketing world, one of which is Mike Dillard with his latest what’s working now short-cut system “Get What’s Working Now”, definately worth checking out to stay in the game ! he has created a hub to eliminate information overload once and for all !

Now, in the meantime whilst everyone is finding their feet again and getting use to some new rules I want you to stay in touch and let me know if you have also been hit by the google slap. I will be sharing new strategies with you as time goes on, so dont forget to enter your name and email address to keep updated.