Whatever your dreams are, know that it is accessible. All it takes is for you to free your mind, open up your vision, know your truth of who you are and be persistent to go after your dream.

Despite attending the North London Parachute Centre at Cambridge Airfields twice before to make the jump, it took a 3rd visit to make the dream become reality. You see to achieve anything in life, you have to be persistent, be committed and keep chasing the dream. Never give up and eventually it will come to you.

On 3rd August a group of us finally got to jump out the plane for Unicef. The build up of anticipation snowballed into a roller-coaster of a MAD EXCITEMENT RUSH. I sat near the hole in the plane (no door) and I could see that we flying high above the clouds. Then the instructor said “when we get to the door..do not move” and at that moment as I could feel myself falling into the sky, I had to let go of all control which left me with … nothing. I was free… so free, and in that space of nothing I was left with a wide-open space of creation. I looked at the clouds, the sky and the world below and realised that in creation of our world must of started with just a thought, an idea and that in the space of nothing EVERYTHING is possible.

As the parachute opened, I was taken to a sense of peace. It was very quiet up there and I asked the instructor to fly us into a cloud. It was so tranquil, so natural and so beautiful.

On landing I felt an overwhelming sense of love for all. A connection to humanity and fulfilled in contributing to make a difference by standing for children’s rights in our world.

Overall, it was a joyous experience where the dream came alive after persistence. So my friends, what I share with you is that access to your dream is created when you come from nothing. Free your mind.. and chase your dream.

Many Thanks to all in the Internet Marketers Charity Skydive Crew http://www.imcharityskydive.com
Jason Fairfield, Saj P, Shaqir Hussyin, Dean Hunt, Phil Henderson, Edel O’Mahony Colette Mason, David Still, Sylvain Raveleau, Suzanne Barnett Gidi Paku, Cher Pearce, Ahmad Jooma, Dominika Mastalska, Kamil Wawrzyszko, Zbyszek Skowyrski, Ashraf Rahman, and Eamonn Madden

To Peace, Love and Freedom