I put my hands up and admit it… that in my earlier days of business I got hit and hurt hard by thinking “all I needed was some PR” to get my business moving. I saw some results but nothing close to seeing my return on investment. PR Agencies may promise you the world but very few can guarantee you results. What I learnt is that the secret to getting Free Pr is to attract it just like any famous person gets it. Think about it, they do not chase the media the media chases them.

Recently I was invited to a radio interview and thought I would bring my camera to show you that you can get FREE PR simply by building your brand. By building your brand to become a web celeb in your niche you become a person in demand that gets invited for interviews and by using internet strategies you get found, you do not need to approach them. Its a total reverse of traditional methods.  You do not need to spend a penny when you become worth knowing and let the world know what it is you are to become worth knowing for. Heres the behind the scenes of the radio interview..