There’s alot I have been working on for next year including speaking gigs, finishing my book and launching a product so lots of things happening… but when this hit my inbox I just had to STOP everything I was doing and get educated.  I felt so compelled to get into FAST action to avoid any future tears. Now, I do not want you endng up on the poor side of the divide either so  I just had to share this with you today…pay attention.

Mike Dillard made an announcement in the summer to explain that he sold his multi million “attraction marketing” businesses and had decided to go focus and study the economy with financial experts to bring his findings back to us as internet / network marketers and educate us on what is happenng right now to save us going through what could be a financial disaster.  Now a lesson I learnt a long time ago is,  if a multi millionaire wants to share his tips with you.. ABSORB THE INFORMATION !! At last the truth is revealed “how the rich captalise on the economy” so this is your choice. You can either learn what to do to secure your financial future now or be plain damn right ignorant and die poor !

This information will apply to you whether your are rich or poor right now !

Mike has now formed a new company called “The Elevation Group” to educate you on money making topics in this economy. Everyone knows its about how much money you keep not how much you make so now is the time to learn how the rich do it with Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group. Mike has put together a short video here for you to take a look at.


This is seriously an economic education that could make life & death difference for you as our currency keeps inflating more, and we watch the world’s economics completely CHANGE in front of our eyes.

It’s GOOD to be in the know….. You will be thankful you did.