Ok, now there are people in our team that have started this business with no online marketing experience what so ever and are now earning 5 figures a month ! So yes it does work for an online newbie.

Now from experience when someone asks me that question it normally leads to the next one..

What was your experience with internet marketing before joining up to YourNetBiz ?

Well, about two years ago I decided to look online on ways of how to make money online, I tried a few things out you know stuff that didnt require alot of investment to learn the proven systems that guaranteed you make fast cash online and I can tell you that it was all a whole load of rubbish ! Im sure many of us has been burnt by these kind of things before which is why there is a BIG RED X like a warning sign whether to trust anyone about how they make money online thereafter.

Then I discovered that there were a few big players online who seem genuine who were making money through affiliate marketing and I so I went on to learn more about this and got heavily involved in doing it. I mean I was an affiliate marketer for lots of products out there using product marketplaces such as clickbank and commission junction.


Now at this same time I also had an online business myself in the dance industry (yes I am ex-pro) and from becoming an affiliate marketer and also running my own online business I really had to seek knowledge on internet marketing. After all without this knowledge how would I been seen on google right ?

So I was learning all sorts of ways to market and to be quite frank wasted alot of money down the drain learning some old school strategies and this again I have to say comes down to how much you are willing to invest to learn the knowledge that works today ! So I really spent alot of time trying to figure stuff out myself I mean the internet is like a jungle out there on internet marketing strategies and for a newbie you just dont know who to trust, who really knows what there talking about etc etc.

I think I had subscribed to so many lists I was getting piles of junk mail being sent to me and completely overloading my brain with information, not following a system of any sort and trying to work it all out myself.

However, there were some emails I was getting from some internet marketing coaches who to me were standing out from the rest, and on really researching them I found that they were the real internet marketing gurus in their own right. Im talking about guys like Frank Kern, Rich Schefren, Mike Filsaime, Eben Pagan and Jeff Walker.

Now the more I researched them and started to network with this crowd of followers I finally got clarity about this whole internet marketing stuff.

You see, you can duplicate an internet marketing strategy to any business online in any niche but to learn from these guys how they do it cost thousands and this is for a reason. What they teach works online today ! So I learnt as much as could from these guys and applied their strategies to my affiliate marketing and boy did it work and it also worked for my online dance business to the point that I had many dance business owners worldwide asking me for their help with their online marketing and that is what I was doing until I became involed in YourNetBiz

You see from becoming an affiliate marketer to the internet marketing superstars themselves what I discovered was that I was playing a small game online in comparison to what many of my fellow marketers were doing and thats when it all came together.

You see YourNetBiz is for those who are up for playing a big game online, its for those who want transformation in their lives. To make dreams become reality but you have to put the work into it… I have to say that had I discovered this business opportunity in 2007 I wouldnt of had to go through all the rubbish I went through (although I dont regret learning from my mistakes) and since being here I can tell you that you dont have to heaviliy invest into those high guru training programmes either as YournetBiz gives you all the training you need together with the right mentor and team you can also succeed at this business

What is important though is being in the right circle of other successful online entrepreneurs and this in itself is a key element and I do feel so grateful right now that it took me a matter of weeks when I joined Your Net Biz to be aka an extraordinary leader and even the CEO of YourNetBiz Rob Hannley felt compelled to let me know that hes really happy to see that within a matter of months Im now playing with the big boys in this industry.

All I have to say is that you have to invest to make serious money online and Im not just talking about a financial investment but also a time investment and personal investment. In my opinion this business opportunity is worth every penny.

So lets get this clear YourNetBiz is a business and it really is easy to run but only if you are willing to learn how to do it and are willing to put your passion, dedication and energy into the business then i have no question of a doubt that it will work for you.

Everyone online who is making money online has no doubt learnt from a mentor to be where they are today, duplication is key and success breeds success. Its like learning to drive, an instructor teaches you and you are driving and learning at the same time. The same applies to YourNetBiz except you learn and have possiblity to earn at the same time. How quick you start earning in this business will depend on how much effort you put into this business initially to set up and start marketing but Im telling you the training provided is on point and always being updated. There are currently over 2000 products available for you to use in the back office of YourNetBiz and a media vault full of videos, audios and ebooks from some top internet players in the industry.

You should know that Internet Marketing will always be a learning process, technology is always changing, strategies are always being developed so yes this is a business and yes you will be required to put in some hours into this business to see the snowball effect but once it happens then you know your business is now running and its just a case of maintaining it and operating it. However the results you will gain from the work you put in well…takes your life to a whole new level so for me its well worth to put in your all at the start but everyone is different and works at a pace that suits them.

YourNetBiz is a recession proof global business and currently stats show that there are 400,000 people currently looking at making money home based business opportunities online every day, the market is BOOMING and everyone who wants a slice of this action has to start from somewhere.

I do however highly advise that anyone looking to come into this business must be passionate, committed and willing to be coachable ! Without these 3 things then maybe YourNetBiz is not for you.

If you want to learn more about yourNetBiz then click this box and come join me for a cup of tea..