In everyday conversation with my son Kai we often reflect about the times we go on holiday. You see for him these are memories for life and he even said to me this morning “Mummy, all I want for Christmas is to know that we can go back to Jamaica”. Bless him. It was indeed a wonderful vacation, we stayed in Ocho Rios at the Sunset Jamaica Grande All inclusive 4* resort which was right on the beach.

The resort itself was really nice, and a wonderful place for families and couples. It had 5 swimming pools, jacuzzis and Kai loved the water slide he was up and down like a yo yo.

In typical caribbean style there was entertainment all day long, and at night the casino, nightclub and shows came alive ! Staying in an all inclusive was just awesome for us, i mean it was HOT and if you have kids then you know how thirsty they get so quickly. The selection of meals was grande and really tasty, the standard was excellent. The resort also had finest dining cuisine restaurants that were to a very high standard although I must say I wasnt too impressed with the chinese (shall I say…i have tasted better chinese before).

Now when I go on vacation, not only do I like to relax in the sun but I also like to explore, really check out the country or island that Im Visiting, get to see how the locals live to really learn about the culture and that is exactly what me and Kai done in Jamaica.

We went all around the island and got see so much and really created some wonderful memories as you can see from the video.

So now as a YourNetBiz platinum member I also get FREE membership to Primo Vacations club so it looks like Kai’s Christmas has come true. Im now planning on going on vacations every school break he gets for 2010 and keep you updated on this blog where I am in the world.

Happy vacations !

One Love
Dawn Mendonca