As a network marketer it is essential to brand Yourself and not your product or business opportunity.

Why ?
People buy into people online. Through branding yourself online they build up a relationship with you and get to trust you and then feel more confident to work with you. During this process of establishing a relationship with your prospects, you must have a funded proposal system in place otherwise you will be leaving alot of money on the table. The idea of a funded proposal system is to generate an income that you can invest back into your marketing online to generate more traffic and leads.

How you do this is simply by plugging into an attraction marketing platform thats brands you. By doing this you will have a proven system that can be duplicated by others in your team therefore giving you and those in your team time freedom. You Must understand this is NOT another business opportunity it simply is an essential tool that will help you with your success online.

The funded proposal attraction marketing duplicatable system that I personally use is called MyleadSystemPro. Not only does this system give you the complete set up of your fully customised sites that brand you, you also get your funded proposal system all set up, and attraction marketing training by the worlds top attraction marketing gurus. Let me tell you, if you want success online then it is going to be imperative to stay in the training, and what these guys educate you on is cutting edge strategies that if implemented will get you more leads into your business opportunity than you trying to work it out all by yourself.

As for the MLSP (MmlspyLeadSystemPro) community … well first of all, its NOT full of your product or business opportunity competitors ! To be in a community full of other network marketers and learn from others who are NOT in the same business opportunity as I am, has truly been a MAJOR Influence to my success. You see, I didnt really start to see results in my business until I choose to step into my own light online, seperate myself from my competitors¬† and take my own path. So, Im telling you, if you want to play a big game online, learn from the big boys, be a leader, not a follower and learn from the guys who have made multi-millions online and you will be smashing it online too. This seriously is a no brainer!

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