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I Will Start By Giving You My Advice for FREE in a Personalised
Internet Income Strategy Report..


Dear friend

Whilst EVERYONE will get a FREE personalised report and guidance from me ..in this process..I’m also currently looking for just 10 people who I can work with on a one and one to build a online business for long term profits.

If you’re someone who is willing to give up the good to go for the great, I will work with you to mastermind your vision, map out your online income plan and have my BadAss team set up your online business for you.

This is your opportunity to also get inside with my networks to fast-track your success and work with someone who has kicked some ass online since 2009.

My Advice in The Report Will Not Cost You Anything


This is why..

I guess you have either been jumping from opportunity to opportunity online and not really seen any results and feel like giving up or you are in self employment with income up and down or feeling trapped doing a job you hate but can’t quit because that is what is paying the bills right now.

So here’s the deal

You can carry on going around the fish bowl producing the same results or you can jump out, get advice and start making progress with what simple systems that are working online today.

That’s why the first thing I’m going to give you is a 100% free personalised strategy report, and it doesn’t matter what your background is whether you are new to making money online or you already have some experience.. I will tell you in this no BS, straight to the point report,  my recommendation on how you can make money online and what strategy is best for you moving forwards. No matter where you are right now.

I promise you that I will NOT be promoting any mlm or pyramid schemes in this report. These kind of opportunities are definitely not for everyone and  I personally do not want to be associated with any of them. They do not float my boat so to speak so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you’re happy with the outcome of this report and you’re a good fit to become one of the 10 I’m looking to work with one-on-one , a member of my team will contact you.

It really is that simple and there’s no catch.

This is the closest you can get to finding out how you can create the life you love that will give you freedom to do the things you really want to do by using simple solutions online .

There’s only one reason why I’m doing this …

I get it, I get you ! I was in the same position, working the 9-5 as a single mum with boss pressures, plus trying to get my hustle on by becoming self employed as a dance teacher where income was up and down and yes whilst I love to dance the income wasn’t enough to create my dream life for me and my son.

During these times I also spent thousands, yes thousands of pounds on personal development and internet marketing make money online training courses and then…. a few years later I was kicking ass online, speaking on stage to some large audiences, featured in a NY best seller and hanging out with internet millionaire entrepreneur gurus learning the secrets of the trade. Since then I have been making income online behind the scenes using simple systems like what you’re about to discover..

To let you know that really anyone can benefit from my advice about making an income online and invited to get a free strategy report from me that’s absolutely fine but…

In 2016, my true focus is to go back to my roots and bring this laptop lifestyle to those in the creative sector as I believe it is important for us as creators to be able to have that freedom to reach our purpose in life and often money is the biggest barrier to that. I want creative people to feel free to express, not worry about the day to day struggles of money and instead focus on what they were really put on this earth to do. .. create

So Here’s What To Expect…

First you complete this application form to receive your FREE strategy report.

After you have got the report, one of three things which I recommend to you will happen ;

  1. a) You will start learning and implementing a strategy to make you income right now.. like today, but you understand that you will have to spend some time creating this income to see continuous results with it.


  1. b) You join one of my Facebook groups where you will see what I’m & many others are doing to build a real scalable internet business for long term profits, and discover an strategy that can make you life changing passive income today. Actually, this strategy alone can easily bring you in at least £1k per month minimum. Yes that is money for doing absolutely nothing and that is a minimum amount ! If you think this is too good to be true… then this is not for you. Ha ! Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you.


  1. c) If looking for a more fulfilled life, and its not just about making money for you then you get chosen to be one of my 10 and have me and my BadAss team work with you to create an online business that sits inside your vision. A member of my team will contact you to discuss further and see how we can strategically help make your dream a reality… and you will get to work me on a one on one level… plus so much more !!!

Now … You have got to agree that this is an incredible offer , you do not find this personalised service like this from any other internet income consultant out there and I can tell you this now.. you will not find many simple solutions like the ones I will be recommending… In my opinion, gone are the days of complication, the internet has evolved and most internet mentors and consultants are still advising old school methods that really do not work anymore !

Have a think about this for a moment.


I’m taking the chance on you by giving you a free strategy report where you can make money online by using cutting edge profitable systems and also offering you a chance to help you on a one on one level .. and I don’t even know you yet ?

Who else would do that ? Let you in on their true internet income secrets without asking for anything upfront ?

No one !

To add .. the strategies I advise . Works !

I do it myself. Its how I make an income online.

I have no doubt that you are aware that I get a lot of interest just from this letter.

I have to be very fussy with who I work with on a one and one level though, as I can’t work with everyone and anyone.

My time is limited and valuable, which is why I can just about about manage working with the Facebook groups, but for the selected ones I will make time for you, so you must be committed to making it work and be able to follow instructions, but most of all you must be ready in mind, body and spirit for the leap.

What To Do Next

Fill in the application form

It’s just so I can get an idea of what you are looking to create for yourself so I can give you my best simple solution for you, its easy to do. Whether you are just looking to make money online or looking to create more than that.

Then, within 72 hours, a member of my team will send you your personalised report detailing what recommended simple solutions I suggest to get started with and the strategy to grow it. This month, I am only giving away 100 Free strategy reports of which I will choose the 10 to work with on a one on one level.. but ALL 100 will benefit from a strategy I share with you on your report.

If you feel this is the way forward for you, click here, send your application and wait up to 72 hours for your report..I will read each and every one of them.

Speak Soon,