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“I’ve been an internet marketer for 7 years and in that time I’ve been shown a lot of business opportunities. However, whilst they sounded good in the ‘sales pitch’, most of them required a LOT of ‘hidden’ work or investment; and I certainly would never get involved in MLM again. In the past year, Dawn has recommended 2 fantastic opportunities, which have proved to be ‘rock solid’ ideas. Both are ‘risk free’ with an amazingly low start-up cost. So far, I have made over £5000 with her first recommendation and I have just started another one she has recommended, but can already see massive potential with that one too. Thanks Dawn.”          – Mark Flatt, London UK

“Since knowing Dawn she has struck up a friendly and easy-going rapport with people she knows and the financial opportunities Dawn has promoted has had a positive impact and brought in an income I otherwise would not have had. I have found Dawn to be trustworthy and willing to test possible profitable opportunities before promoting within her circle”      – Anna Jones, London UK

“I wanted to make more money. Its as simple as that. You know from talking to me that I am interested in making more money and have looked at many opportunities that promise so much yet deliver so little. So far the opportunities that you have presented has allowed me more financial freedom and I can now concentrate on other options at leisure.”     – Richard Holmes, Maltby UK

“When I met Dawn on a training course she was leading I was immediately drawn to her as an honest intelligent and open person. Her entrepreneurial skills were obvious and her teaching skills were great too! I found her inspiring. So when she presented me with a money making opportunity, I did not as usual, disregard it immediately (I am very suspicious with these things) and I am now so glad I took a second look. I have made a considerable amount of extra cash and I am immensely grateful to Dawn for this. I was able to take my 3 children abroad for a wonderful holiday and in general just relax a bit about my financial situation. I am glad to have met her and would fully support and be interested in any further project she promotes in the future.”   – Pamela Morrison, Edinburgh UK